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Prin­ci­ples of use for the eva­lua­ti­on in­stru­ment

From the very beginning, it was important for the creators of this evaluation instrument to develop a process which would be helpful to institutions and staff in ensuring the development of quality in their work. It is not intended that this instrument be used for monitoring or controlling. The following principles of use were unanimously decided upon by the project team:

  • The goal is to make the self-evaluation for every institution/organizer as easy and convenient as possible
  • The evaluation instrument is used exclusively for quality development and not as a “surveillance instrument.”
  • Whoever works with the data, commits him- or herself to dealing with it confidentially. Anonymity is guaranteed at all levels
  • The data of the individual institutions should be continually collected and combined.
  • Taking the information on board and evaluating the data is open and self-critical.
  • Evaluation and interpretation takes place in cooperation with all participants
  • Further development of the instrument is desirable, however only on the basis of firm scientific standards
  • Whoever uses the evaluation instrument ensures transparent implementation and observance of these principles within his/her area of responsibility.

In addition, the data protection and ethics concept must be noted and accepted.